Friday, January 30, 2009


Que putas. Haven't done this in what seems ages. So yes. I've compiled a list of goals to accomplish before the age of 30. yep 30. My clock is ticking and I need to get started. One of them is off the list. Beautiful place, wonderful people, exceptional clubs, wondrous food. If L.A. busts my ass, in 6 years I'll be living in Madrid. Guey!

(Had to delete all my old posts) My bad.


freddie said...

following please do same,

Predikari said...

Good luck with that :D

John grey said...

I can`t belive you are really making a list for what is going to be your plan in the next 6 years. I can`t even plan one week ahead. Just go to show my lack of interest in the future.

But hey, John liked it and is following you so if you want. do the same ;)