Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Ahhhh. Trance!

The original Perception track. One of the best vocal tracks I have heard to date.

So how is everyone today?

Tell me stories.

Well, today was a big day for Apple. Coming out with new variants of so many of their products. including a complete remake of the iPod Nano which is now just a touch screen with a clip. An update to the iPod Touch(which I want) and the extinction of the iPod Classic.

Damn, Apple. I'm honestly not a fan of them but the Touch is just so enticing. Gah.

One thing that has kept me from jumping on their bandwagon like a hipster is the fact that there is great competition with Android OS's and also Microsoft launching their new Windows 7 phone sometime in the near future. That thing is a beast.

We'll see which market i tend to give my business to.


ATM Withdrawal said...


Hanyo said...

I have an HTC android the first one. Its pretty buggy, I hope their new ones aren't as buggy.

Christian said...

I love it!

shirou said...

cool.. keep it up

Tyman said...

this song is AWESOME!