Sunday, September 5, 2010


What an awesome day, ay. Chilling, relaxing all cool...

Watching some animu and hitting the brew.

Lame attempt at "Bel Air", I know. Hate on it.

Anyway, milk tea, Thai food and hookah is a pretty good mix. Recovering from a longggg night last night, was able to see my brother and partner in crime from another mother.

Listening to Trance and just catching up. What an amazing weekend even if I did spend it home alone. Tomorrow is another lone day, catching up on some Starcraft 2 commentary videos and rest.

One of my good friends is ranked about 500 in the nation, I believe so he's pretty good. Even thinking about moving to South Korea and becoming a pro-gamer full time. How awesome would that be? With prize pots in the tens of thousands, a living could be made off e-sports.

Makes me want to connect the PS3 and hit up MW2. Maybe.

How's everyone today? Hope everyone is having a safe and fun 3 day Labor day weekend.

Her's a track to brighten up your day.

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